segunda-feira, 9 de novembro de 2009

Sucedeu que...

...teve ínico em Doha, no Qatar, a 3ª conferência dos Estados signatários da Convenção das Nações Unidas contra a Corrupção. A conferência realizar-se-á de 9 a 13 de Novembro e tem como principal objectivo a aprovação de um mecanismo de fiscalização que assegure a aplicação efectiva da Convenção. Deixo-vos aqui um excerto do discurso de António Maria Costa, director executivo da UNODC (United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime), proferido na abertura da conferência:

"(...)A review mechanism: not a deal too far

The other legacy of this meeting should be agreement on the implementation review mechanism. At the moment, corruption is in the eye of the beholder, based on perception. We have no way of knowing how effective the Convention is, how successful countries have been (or not) in their efforts. Without a yardstick to measure progress, there can be no targeted technical assistance.

Many governments (a dozen in the past few months) have come to power promising to fight corruption. Unfortunately, the world-over good campaign intentions are easily betrayed. Political determination may exist at the highest level while, (at the other extreme) anti-corruption officials may be trying hard. But change is often blocked by a layer of power brokers, right in the middle of national bureaucracies, who protect their (frequently illicit) interests. The monitoring mechanism will break this resistance, and help those who are genuinely trying.

I therefore urge you, as called for in the Convention, to agree – before Friday – on a review mechanism that is above all transparent, non-intrusive, inclusive and fair. It must be a technical inter-governmental review, not a game of name and shame, so that states must measure progress against themselves, not against each other.

Since Bali, test pilots have successfully shown that such a mechanism can be realistic. I urge you to overcome remaining (minor) differences and move from the pilot run to cruising speed. (...)"

Podem consultar o discurso completo aqui.

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